Vanessa Sadler

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After years of incorporating the Enneagram into my own spiritual journey I became certified and began ABIDE.  I have a Level I certification in Narrative Focused Trauma Care through extensive training at the Allender Center within the The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology.  I am currently enrolled in Level II and am also pursuing certification to become a Spiritual Director.

As a trauma-informed Enneagram Specialist I approach client sessions with the understanding that our styles of relating were not formed in a vacuum. Our formative years and our stories shape who we are today and are worth exploring.


Through Story Engagement, the Enneagram and Spiritual Practices, my desire is to come alongside you as a guide on the path toward deeper abiding, and to support and encourage you as you enter into the fullness you were created for.


"Vanessa will walk with you step by step into understanding your Enneagram Type and gently challenge you to integrate it into life-changing thought and action.  I believe anyone will not just benefit from her coaching, but will also thoroughly enjoy their time with her." 

Cheri V.

Former Client

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