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Contemplative | Collaborative

Welcome, I'm glad you're here.


Vanessa Sadler (she/her)


It's an honor and a privilege to come alongside you on your journey toward deeper abiding.


Like so many, I’ve often considered the twists and turns in life as unwelcome disruptions. My experience in Spiritual Direction and Story Work as well as the enneagram, have been invitational and life-giving, beckoning me deeper into Sacred Mystery and my own heart. Growing awareness and acceptance have allowed me to live freely and fully into who I am becoming.


Trauma Informed 
Spiritual Direction

So much of our spiritual formation leans heavily on the teachings of others.  Spiritual Direction is about practicing the art of keeping company with the Divine together, a practice that varies from person to person based on culture, ethnicity, story and more. My goal is to collaborate with you in order to discover spiritual practices that resonate with you

Integrative Story Work
(in the Narrative Tradition)

We each have a story, though few of us have experienced someone who will bear faithful witness to our stories.


Integrative Story Work invites you to share the themes of your life and allow another person to name the parts of you that bear deep grief and radiant awe.

Trauma Informed

The Enneagram is an intricately layered, multi-faceted map of our interior world. It clarifies our internal motivations and helps explain why we behave in particular ways.  Enneagram work allows you to slow down the information and process what you are learning about yourself with a trained guide who can see how the pieces fit together.    

What Clients Are Saying...



"Investing in enneagram-based coaching was one of the best gifts I could ever give myself. Vanessa asked me the right questions to help me know myself and my God better. The strategies I learned were practical and effective."


Ruby M.



"My journey with Vanessa brought awareness and spiritual growth exactly where I needed it. She is so full of knowledge and compassion.  I experienced healing in areas I never thought possible.


Dana D.

Speaker & Teacher

Vanessa helped me to dig a little deeper in places that I did not know existed.  As a result of the revelations, I was able to see myself through a lens of not having to be perfect all the time. I am human and loved by God.

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Lovely C.



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Thank you!

"What you seek is seeking you."  - Rumi

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