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Integrative Story Work

You have a story.
Engaging the scenes of your life with honesty and honor, we will begin to name the themes of your stories, and explore the various ways those themes have shaped your style of relating

to God, self and others.


Cultural identity work included.

$130 per session

(50 min)

Trauma Informed Enneagram

What causes you respond in particular ways? How do your motivations effect your thoughts and emotions?  Understanding your Enneagram type using growth exercises and tools 

specific to your wiring we will engage the places where you feel “stuck."

$135 per session

(5 session pkg)

Trauma Informed
Spiritual Direction

There are a plethora of ways to connect with God.  By exploring both ancient and contemporary spiritual practices we will cultivate the art of listening and relating with the persons of God together. I will also provide you with tools to establish a rhythm of communing with God in your everyday life.

$130 per session

(50 min)

Not sure where to begin?  Schedule a Free Consultation

*All offerings are 100% inclusive and affirming. All of you and your story is welcome. 

Disclaimer: While a Narrative Focused approach to engaging personal stories of harm and trauma may feel therapeutic at times, I am not a licensed therapist. During this process, if you find yourself in need of additional support, I will be glad to help you find a therapist or mental health care provider in your state.

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