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The Story Workshop for Racial Trauma & Healing invites you to explore themes common to those within racially marginalized communities who have experienced personal and collective trauma. This Allender Center workshop is specifically designed for the BIPOC community, and is led by BIPOC facilitators. In the context of a supportive environment through teaching and group work, you will receive encouragement and wisdom as you write, tell, and live your story in deeper and more transformative ways.


Read Vanessa's essays, poetry and spoken word at Red Tent Living, an online women's magazine. 


During the online retreat, you will receive daily emails containing spiritual practices, audio and visual meditations, videos and prayers designed to restore and nourish your soul.


Vanessa hosts conversations at the intersection of spiritual formation and racial justice. 


As children, all of us needed to belong—to feel “a part of.” If we did not receive sufficient attunement from our primary caregivers, we likely experienced high levels of loneliness. The dilemma is that it may not have felt like loneliness because it was such a normal part of life. Vanessa talks candidly about her loneliness growing up, as well as how she came to experience significant healing from that loneliness. 


Speaking Topics

I'd love to chat with you about speaking at your next event or gathering.
Below are various topics I enjoy engaging with.

Notebook and Pen

Narrative Trauma Care &
The Power of Story

Wheat Field

Group Spiritual Direction

House Plants and Candle

Spiritual Practices 

Image by Sabri Tuzcu

Ritual & Meaning Making


Somatic Wisdom
as Resilience 

Green Forest

Story Groups & Workshops 

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